The Best New York Bars You Cant Miss

By | April 19, 2023

Heading to NYC for an epic night out? Don’t miss these top spots:

  1. The Dead Rabbit – this award-winning bar has a unique mix of traditional Irish hospitality and modern mixology.
  2. PDT (Please Don’t Tell) – get ready for a secret speakeasy! Enter through a vintage phone booth for inventive cocktails and bar snacks.
  3. Attaboy – no menus here, just personalized drink recommendations from the expert bartenders.
  4. Tenement Museum – drinks with a historic twist at this tenement building bar.
  5. Bemelmans Bar – an art deco classic with live piano music at The Carlyle Hotel.

Pro tip: Book ahead or get there early – these popular bars fill up fast!

Bars for Craft Beer Lovers

Craft beer lovers, rejoice! NYC has some great spots for you. Check out these awesome bars. From dives to beer gardens, they’re the top places to enjoy craft ales and lagers. It’s time to sip on your favorite brews in the city that never sleeps. Let’s go!

Top craft beer bars in NYC

New York City is the place to go for craft beer bars! Here are the top picks:

  1. Blind Tiger, with 28 rotating taps and a cask engine in Greenwich Village since 1995.
  2. Torst, a Scandinavian-inspired bar in Brooklyn with 21 taps of local and international craft beer from Evil Twin Brewing.
  3. The Jeffrey, an Upper East Side gastropub with 30 taps of craft beer and a cozy outdoor patio.
  4. City Hops, a casual Murray Hill bar with 20 rotating taps of craft beer and a laid-back atmosphere.
  5. Fool’s Gold, a Lower East Side bar with 30 rotating taps of craft beer, pub food and live music.

Best spots for local and small-batch beers

In NYC, there are tons of bars that showcase local and small-batch beers. Here are some amazing spots for craft beer lovers:

  • Proletariat: This small place in the Lower East Side has a changing selection of rare and seasonal beers from around the globe.
  • Blind Tiger Ale House: This Greenwich Village gem has been serving craft beer since 1995. It has a wide variety of drafts and bottles.
  • Torst: Brooklyn is home to Torst, an inventive bar that has obscure, small-batch beers from up-and-coming breweries.
  • Top Hops: In the Lower East Side you’ll find Top Hops. It has a rotating tap list of over 20 local and out-of-state beers plus snacks and sandwiches.
  • Gold Star Beer Counter: In Brooklyn, Gold Star is a comfy spot with an extensive selection of local, national, and international beers.

These bars give a unique experience for beer connoisseurs. Pro tip: Don’t be scared to ask the bartender for suggestions or samples of new and special beers.

Coolest hidden craft beer bars in the city

New York City has some of the best hidden gems for craft beer! Here are five places that craft beer lovers should check out:

  1. Fool’s Gold – find it in the Lower East Side. Offers 30 beers on tap, including rare and vintage varieties.
  2. Proletariat – tucked away in the East Village. Has a small, cozy bar with a rotating selection of beers.
  3. The Owl Farm – this Brooklyn hideaway is known for its diverse beer selection and cozy atmosphere. There are over 30 rotating taps and an extensive bottle list.
  4. Bar Great Harry – in Cobble Hill. It has over 20 beers on tap and a comfortable atmosphere.
  5. The Ginger Man – located in Midtown Manhattan. Offers an impressive selection of beer, including international and local brews.

No matter if you’re visiting or living in New York, these bars are great for enjoying delicious craft beers in a unique setting.

Mixology and Cocktails

Enjoyment abounds when sitting at a bar, indulging in a great cocktail or beer and sharing a laugh with mates. NYC owns some of the world’s greatest bars, with mixology and cocktails of top-notch caliber. Huntin’ for a fabulous martini, a reviving mojito, or a customary Manhattan? NYC’s your go-to!

Let’s explore the finest bars in NYC for the best mixology and cocktails.

Trendiest bars for quality cocktails

New York City has the trendiest bars! Quality cocktails, unique ambience and style – you won’t want to miss these top bars.

  1. Please Don’t Tell – A speakeasy-style bar with classic cocktails and hot dogs.
  2. Death & Company – A vast selection of cocktails made with fresh ingredients and care.
  3. The Dead Rabbit – Irish-style bar with cocktails, beer and spirits in vintage glassware.
  4. Attaboy – No-menu bar with bespoke cocktails based on your flavor profile.
  5. The Aviary – Rooftop bar with innovative cocktails and views of the city skyline.

Pro Tip: Strike up a conversation with the bartender and ask for their recommendations – they know the best insider secrets!

Best cocktail bars with a view

In New York City, you can find some of the best cocktail bars with breathtaking views. Here are 3 top-notch spots to indulge in both eye-catching sights and delicious drinks:

  1. Westlight: Atop the 22nd floor of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, you’ll discover Westlight. It offers a view of Manhattan from its indoor and outdoor spaces. You can savor a variety of cocktails, including their signature Frosecco, while basking in the gorgeous skyline.
  2. The Ides: This chic rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn has indoor and outdoor seating with NYC skyline views, including the Empire State Building. The Ides specializes in creative cocktails and unique takes on classic drinks.
  3. The Press Lounge: Situated on the rooftop of the Ink48 Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, The Press Lounge gives you stunning views of the Hudson River and Midtown Manhattan. Enjoy their exquisite cocktails, like the Gotham Sunset, while taking in the lovely views.

Pro tip: Make a reservation or come early to guarantee a spot at these popular locations, especially during peak times.

Coolest speakeasy bars in town

Speakeasy bars are hidden gems of the past, with secret entrances, dim interiors, and creative cocktails. Here are the coolest ones in New York!

  • Attaboy: In the Lower East Side. Bespoke cocktails and bartender who make personalized drinks.
  • PDT (Please Don’t Tell): In the East Village. Accessed through a phone booth in a hotdog joint. Try the Benton’s Old Fashioned – made with bacon-infused bourbon.
  • Employees Only: West Village bar. Vintage vibe, tarot-card reader, and classic/specialty cocktails. Try their namesake drink – Employees Only – made with gin, lime juice, and a secret ingredient.
  • Raines Law Room: Elegant Chelsea speakeasy. Luxurious, velvet couches, crystal chandeliers. Try Smoking Jacket, made with aged rum, mezcal and mole bitters.

Pro tip: Dress codes & reservations policies. Plan ahead & follow the rules – or you may be turned away at the door.

Wine Bars

New York City – the place for wine bars! Cozy atmosphere, unique wine selections – it’s ideal for a night out. Date night? Party with friends? These are the most popular wine bars in town. Let’s explore!

Where to find the best wine selection in NYC

Experience the bustling nightlife and delectable cuisine of New York City. But, with so many wine bars, it can be tough to find the best selection. Here are some top spots to check out:

  1. The Ten Bells – A cozy bar with a rotating wine list of natural wines from around the world. Plus, French-inspired small plates.
  2. Terroir – See what’s familiar and explore lesser-known gems with their extensive wine list. Locations throughout the city.
  3. La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels – Swanky SoHo spot with an impressive wine list and knowledgeable staff.

Pro Tip: Sample a variety of wines with a wine flight or get a sommelier recommendation. Find new favorites!

Unique wine experiences in the city

Experience NYC in a totally new way by visiting one of the city’s amazing wine bars! From hidden speakeasies to Brooklyn rooftop vineyards, here are some of the best:

  1. The Up & Up – This Greenwich Village bar has a rotating selection of wines and creative cocktail options.
  2. Anfora – West Village bar with a curated wine list and delicious small plates.
  3. Rooftop Reds – Check out this urban Brooklyn vineyard and get a taste of local varietals with stunning views of the skyline.
  4. Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels – Cozy SoHo spot with an extensive wine list and perfect for a night out.

Whether you’re a wine expert or just looking for something special, these bars are sure to delight!

Best intimate wine bars for a romantic night out

New York City offers a plethora of romantic wine bars! Here are the top five:

  1. Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar offers over ninety wines and chocolate pairings. Cozy with candlelit tables, it’s the perfect spot for a date night.
  2. Anfora in Greenwich Village has a rustic-chic vibe and an extensive Italian wine list.
  3. Lelabar’s West Village location serves an impressive wine list with a charming, intimate atmosphere.
  4. Spiegel in the East Village is tucked away in a cozy basement, featuring small-production wines and tasty snacks.
  5. Clandestino in Williamsburg provides a beachy, relaxed vibe and a selection of natural wines from all over. Their outdoor patio makes for a romantic experience.

For a special night out, these five wine bars are sure to impress!

Rooftop Bars

Uniquely, NYC offers rooftop bars. Witnessing the stars from a different viewpoint is an incredible experience! Furthermore, there are so many amazing rooftop bars in NYC! Here’s a guide to some of the finest!

Best rooftop bars with a view of the skyline

New York’s skyline is one of the most iconic in the world. Enjoy it from one of the best rooftop bars! Here are some of the top picks:

  1. Westlight in Brooklyn. Panoramic view of Manhattan’s skyline. Sleek and modern. Delicious cocktails.
  2. 230 Fifth. With a view of the Empire State Building. Popular spot for tourists and locals. Open year-round. Heated igloos in winter.
  3. The Ides. Trendy bar at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn. Spectacular Manhattan skyline views. Industrial-chic vibe. Extensive cocktail menu.
  4. The Press Lounge. Sophisticated rooftop bar at Ink48 hotel, Hell’s Kitchen. Views of the Hudson River and city skyline. Craft cocktails and small bites.
  5. Refinery Rooftop. In the heart of the fashion district. See the Empire State Building. Elegant, chic atmosphere. Must-try cocktails.

So, don’t miss out on these incredible rooftop bars in New York!

Coolest rooftop bars to visit in different neighborhoods

Experience the amazing skyline of New York City by visiting some of its coolest rooftop bars! Here are some must-visit ones:

  • The Ides- in Williamsburg; offers breathtaking views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Westlight- at the heart of Brooklyn; you’ll get views of NYC and delicious food & drinks.
  • The Roof at Public- in Lower Manhattan; an industrial-chic atmosphere & panoramic views.
  • Gallow Green- Chelsea; whimsical decor, lush greenery & live music.
  • 230 Fifth- Flatiron; Empire State Building & city skyline views plus food & drinks.
  • Tip- Get there early or make a reservation, as these bars fill up fast.

Rooftop bars with unique themes and settings

New York City is well-known for its rooftop bars that each have their own unique theme and setting. Here are 3 standout bars you don’t want to miss!

  1. Westlight: This bar in Brooklyn has an industrial vibe with amazing views of Manhattan. Its cocktails are international-inspired and definitely provide a new drinking experience.
  2. Gallow Green: In Chelsea, this bar has a charming forest atmosphere with fairy lights and a vintage railway track. Its cocktails are classic drinks with fresh herbs and botanicals.
  3. The Crown: On the 21st floor of Hotel 50 Bowery in Chinatown, The Crown has a modern and chic atmosphere. Its cocktails are made with local ingredients and have Asian flavors.

Pro-tip: Get there early or make a reservation. These bars get crowded fast!

Dive Bars

Searching for a dive bar in NYC? You’re in luck! This city may be full of fancy bars and clubs, but there are still loads of great dive bars. These range from dark and comfy, to open-air rooftop bars. Here’s the top dive bars you must visit!

Classic dive bars every New Yorker should visit

New York City is famed for its eclectic drinking scene. Here are five classic dive bars, each of which every New Yorker should experience at least once!

  1. The Turkey’s Nest Tavern: Located in Williamsburg, this spot has been around for over 50 years. It’s renowned for its cheap and strong frozen drinks. Visit for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.
  2. Rudy’s Bar & Grill: Hell’s Kitchen’s favorite spot for over 80 years! Enjoy free hot dogs and cheap beer. A must-see.
  3. Nancy Whiskey Pub: This historic pub dates back to the early 1900s. Head to the South Street Seaport for jukebox tunes, pool, and affordable beer.
  4. The Patriot Saloon: Step into Tribeca’s Patriot Saloon for a blast from the past. Red and white checkered tablecloths and a jukebox will transport you!
  5. The Holland House: Astoria’s Holland House offers a classic dive bar experience. Dim lighting, vintage decor, and cheap drinks await.

Best dive bars with cheap drinks and great atmosphere

Searching for dive bars in New York with low-priced drinks and great vibes? Here are the best ones for you to visit!

  • Rudy’s Bar & Grill in Hell’s Kitchen offers unbeatable prices and free hot dogs.
  • The Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa has a great selection of beers plus a simple atmosphere for beers.
  • Holland Cocktail Lounge in Astoria has been around for over 60 years and is known for cheap drinks and friendly people.
  • The Turkey’s Nest in Williamsburg is well-known for its potent frozen margaritas and chill vibes.
  • Sophie’s in the East Village is a classic dive bar with inexpensive drinks, pinball machines and a jukebox.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Check out these dive bars!

‘Haunt of the artists’: dive bars with hidden stories and cultural significance

Dive bars in New York are loved by artists for their non-fussy vibe and interesting past. Check these out!

  • Rudy’s Bar & Grill: Established in ’33, this Hell’s Kitchen bar is known for its cheap drinks, eccentric decor and free hot dogs.
  • White Horse Tavern: A writer’s hub in Greenwich Village, this spot was a favorite of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. It still has a bohemian feel.
  • The Ear Inn: This Soho bar has been around since 1817. It’s cozy, with live music and has welcomed sailors, celebrities and artists.
  • Jimmy’s Corner: Owned by former boxer Jimmy Glenn, this midtown dive bar is a must-visit for boxing fans. It’s a tribute to his love of the sport!

More than just a spot to grab a drink, these bars show New York’s culture and history. They give us a glimpse into the lives of the writers and artists that called these places home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best New York bars to experience the ultimate nightlife scene?

A: Some of the best bars in New York that you can’t miss include Death & Co., Attaboy, PDT, Employees Only, The Dead Rabbit, and Bar Goto.

Q: Can I find unique cocktails in these bars?

A: Yes, you can find unique and exquisite drinks in all of these bars. They are known for their signature cocktails, which are crafted by experienced mixologists.

Q: Are these bars expensive to spend a night out in?

A: It depends on the bar you choose to visit. However, most of these bars have similar pricing to other upscale bars in New York City.

Q: Can I make a reservation beforehand?

A: Yes, most of these bars allow reservations. It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance, especially on weekends or special occasions.

Q: Do these bars serve food along with drinks?

A: Some of these bars have a full menu available while others have a more limited menu. However, the food served in these bars is always delicious and perfectly complements the drinks.

Q: Are these bars suitable for a night out with friends or a romantic date?

A: These bars are perfect for both! They offer a great ambiance, excellent music, and exemplary services, making them ideal for a night out with friends or a date.