The legal drinking age in America is 21 years old.  A look at the minimum drinking ages around the world will show the minimum legal drinking age worldwide ranges from 16 to 21 years old.  That makes America’s age limit the highest in the world.  This has sparked debate over the appropriate legal drinking age in the country.  The operative definition of appropriate age is the suitable or right age for purchasing and consuming alcohol.

Age is a crucial number in our society.  It gives an individual the right to avail certain benefits in our society such as when a  person could receive his or her pension. It also says when you could enroll for school or apply for a driver’s license. The reason behind this is that age gives us a basic concept of the developmental stage of the person. It is our basis for knowing what he or she could do and along with that, we can manage our expectations of that person.  We can delegate responsibilities as we fit for that age.

That is why children cannot be given licenses to drive. They do not have the physical and mental ability yet to be out on the road along with other motorists.  In the same way, there is an age limit or legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption.  Establishments such as nightclubs, bars, and restaurants must be mindful of this age requirement and have their garage door replacement.

At this age, the government believes that individuals aged 21 years old and above can make sound decisions and could drink responsibly. There is a prescribed limit to alcohol intake and they are expected to abide by this. This is the age deemed by officials wherein people would be mature enough to drink and know the consequences of their actions. Be merry and drink moderately.