College life will never be complete without partying at the clubs even on weekdays. Some college students live for the nightlife. They savor the moment. And looking back now, I guess it is really the best time of your life to hang loose and be merry with your friends. Oh to be young and wild and free.

As for me, well, let us just say I am not a party person. But I sometimes go to those clubs or bars because my roommates always asked me to join them. There were times when I gave in for the sake of our friendship. We would drink cocktails and dance the night away. Sometimes we would catch our favorite DJs spinning our favorite songs. Or sometimes the club or bar would feature our favorite band for a more intimate session of their songs.

I loved those times when I would just listen to their music and I could drop all my cares away even for a few hours. But like I said, I am not the kind of person who would go clubbing frequently. I really prefer staying in our room or going to a nice restaurant instead or doing a garage door repair. But now, as I look back on my college life, I’m sure glad I experienced and enjoyed the nightlife with my friends.


Even if we had exams the following day. Or we had lots of requirements to turn over the next day. I remember a cool professor told us in class that grades weren’t everything. They might not matter 5, 10, 20 years from today. But what matters is the time you spend with your friends, the relationships you build along the way, and the experience that teaches you valuable life lessons. These things make life more interesting. These are the stories we would tell our children and grandchildren with a smile on our lips.