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Welcome to Space Ibiza New York! Come and join us for the ultimate nightlife experience because nobody knows how to party like Space Ibiza NY.

When you think of Ibiza, images of beaches and nature come to mind. They evoke feelings of relaxation that take away the stresses of work and everyday life. Ibiza is also synonymous with partying and having a good time with friends.

With hundreds of bars and clubs around, you can be sure that Ibiza knows how to have a good time. Space Ibiza New York wants to give you that experience. We want you to relax, unwind, de-stress, or simply have fun and have the best time of your life while you’re at it.

Space Ibiza New York is an upscale club in this side of New York City.

We take pride in bringing in the best local and international DJs to spin the best musical beats. Our dance music culture has everyone raving. It has been our trademark to provide our patrons and clients with the best electronic and contemporary beats. We are also the venue of choice when it comes to concerts and performances of the best entertainers in the industry. We also make sure that you get your fill of our appetizing and satisfying food and drinks. Our menu has been specially crafted for the party crowd. Because of all these and more, Space Ibiza New York attracts the elite and “it” crowd in New York. We have come to be the favorite place to show off the latest fashion trends and art pieces because they know that the people are watching. So, do not be left behind. Come and join our party crowd. Enter through our doors and the best garage door opener in Tempe and have a good time!


Space Ibiza New York is the place to celebrate the best parties – for your birthdays and special occasions of your life. Let us treat you and your friends to the ultimate nightlife experience because you deserve the very best particularly on your special day. Leave all your worries behind and party the night away on our dancefloor as we take care of all your needs and desires.

Space Ibiza New York has VIP membership. Inquire with our friendly receptionists on how to avail of this service. Your VIP membership gives you the opportunity to enjoy the brand of Space Ibiza New York nightlife at its best. We have designated VIP tables in prime spots inside the club so that you can see all the action less the hassle. We also have event specialists assigned to keep track of your requests to make sure that you have the best experience. We give our VIPs the treatment they deserve.



Space Ibiza New York is a first-class venue for special events such as concerts, corporate events, fashion shows, art shows, cocktail parties, and film and commercial shoots.

We provide state of the art sound system, lighting, audio, and multimedia facilities. Contact us now for reservations.

Cast your cares away and let Space Ibiza New York give you a good time!

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