To unwind means to relax after a hard day’s work or after undergoing a stressful time. Some people unwind by reading a good book, by going out of town to be closer to nature, or by listening to their favorite music, or by having a garage door installation. Others unwind by going to the club and partying with friends. They live by the motto “Work hard, party harder.” People who enjoy this kind of leisure and entertainment for relaxation actually draw benefits for their bodies and minds. Psychologists say that doing activities like occasional partying and nightlife help us take a break from the stressful conditions or routinary motion at work. And for those people who really enjoy the night scene, they derive true pleasure from the clubbing experience. This helps release the happy hormones into their body system. These hormones such as serotonin help us become more sociable and agreeable. Lack of these hormones can cause irritability or in worse cases, depression. Learning how to relax and have fun is one way to cope with stress so there really is a substantial basis for their motto to work hard and party harder.

Here are some more benefits of unwinding. Relaxation protects our heart. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Unwinding is also said to be helpful in lowering the risk of catching colds. It is also beneficial in boosting our memory.

Unwinding after experiencing work-related stress is also good for the body as it lowers the risk of stroke. It also helps to clear our mind and aid in making better decisions. Relaxation also eases acne. It can also reduce risk or slow down certain cancers. An individual cannot be all work and no play. Studies show that it is good to stop and relax every once in a while to give our bodies a break.