Ones you come out of the escape room, the first thing the majority of people will ask you is the kind of experience you had. Although it is fun and adventurous, we cannot ignore the fact that these rooms are also scary. First off, you are in a new dark place. There are different rooms that you are supposed to pass through with minimal lighting. Also, the writing that is contained in the walls can be nerve-wracking.

So, are the escape rooms scary?

The answer to this is yes; these rooms are fun but scary too.

What causes the escape rooms scary?

· The setting.


The setting of the rooms is another detail that makes the escape rooms scary. This can range from simple to extreme themes depending on the adventure at hand. For example, if the theme requires the team to find a clue to solve a horror scenario, then the rooms are expected to have various scary details ranging from poorly lit rooms to frightening drawings on the walls. Other escape rooms like escape room chicago have night games which require the players maneuvering around dark places when solving and finding clues.

· The challenges.

The rooms are full of challenges that you are supposed to tackle as a team. The games take place in unfamiliar themed rooms with a puzzle or clue to solve.

Still, you are given a time when you should be through with the task. The desire to find the problems and clues in different rooms on time can be scary at times.



Escape rooms games can be scary, especially for new players or when presented with a scary themed game to tackle. But, working as a team and focusing on the various clues provided in the rooms, it becomes easy and fun to play in the rooms.