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How to Install a Gun Safe?

by Evelyn Rogers
How to Install a Gun Safe?

Owning a gun comes with a lot of responsibilities, with the main one being safekeeping. Every state has safety requirements, including specifications for a safe. The main aim of having a safe has a place where other members of your family, especially children, will not reach the gun and cause harm. A safe also ensures that the gun remains safe even when a disaster like fire strikes. A safe should also be waterproof to keep the gun secure when there is flooding.

Choose an appropriate place.

While the safe should be in a place where others cannot reach it, it should also be close enough for you to reach it when you have to. Choose an area that the kids rarely go to, and it should also be hidden to prevent intruders from locating it easily.

An appropriate location also has an unobstructed path that allows you to get the gun urgently and safely. Make sure there is enough room to cover the gun measurement to prevent injuries when the gun is being moved to the safe.

If you decide to keep them safe on the floor, then make sure it is sturdy enough. The floor should have the ability to withstand pressure from heavy metals and should not be slippery. The safe should also be kept on a level area where there are no protrusions.

Bolting and electrical connection

The gun safe has to be bolted securely into place to guarantee security. It would help if you used suitable bolts that can deliver tight bolts. Please pay more attention to the four corners of the safe since they determine the balance. Make sure the safe is closer to a source of power, especially if it has lighting features or humidity control features inside. Authority safes explains in detail cannon gun safes that you can look into.


Although it’s possible to install a safe by yourself, you should always hire a professional service provider to help you out. You can also get help from a relative or friend you trust to keep them safe a secret.