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Dugnad Russ: Fundraising Taken to a Whole Other Level

by Evelyn Rogers
Dugnad Russ: Fundraising Taken to a Whole Other Level

All teenagers in Norway dream of a day when they can finally put their graduation uniform and celebrate the 17th of May. This is an important date in their life and represents the end of one era and the beginning of adulthood.

For that reason, many of them are looking forward to the end of 13-year schooling and start organizing a month-long celebration. However, this is a rather costly affair, since it involves buying busses, cars, creating logos, costumes, and organizing various activities.

People living outside Norway have a hard time understanding this tradition, but all you need to know about dugnad russ can be put in a couple of sentences. Basically, students get together and try to raise money for this celebration by selling various items.

How, to help you get familiar with their customs and heritage, we are going to explain how this actually works.

An old tradition, but with a new flair

Dugnad is an old tradition where people get together to do something noble for their community. It’s basically a voluntary work, and it involves various aspects of their lives. So, the same rule applies to Norwegian students, and to engage in a month-long celebration; they need to fundraise enough money for their activities.

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Additionally, it’s a great way to strengthen the dynamic of the group and help kids get to know each other. During this time, graduation students will spend 30 days partying and having fun, and for that occasion, they will decorate busses, or other vehicles, play music, dance, and drink.

How to arrange dugnad russ?

There are many ways you can arrange dugnad russ. But it mostly depends on how it is organized. For example, students can go door-to-door or set up a booth to sell various items. By selling stuff such as toilet paper, gift cards, socks, or firelighters, they can earn a lot of money.

In Norway, you can contact companies that specifically retail different products for dugnad, which later students resell to make enough money for their graduation celebration. However, the great thing about this country is that everyone gets involved, and many people are willing to help.


With the help of the communities and by selling dugnad items, students can raise enough money to buy, decorate, and paint busses or cars, supply food and drinks, while partying the whole month.

Setting up a budget

Before students engage in festive activities, they first need to set up a budget and be realistic with their expectations. While many may have ambitious goals, not all of them can achieve them. While some settle for logos, clothes, and songs, others want to own buses and cars.

For that reason, they need to ensure enough money for this celebration. In that case, many students start planning early and work together towards a mutual goal. You would be surprised how much money they can raise throughout the year and have a great time with their friends.